Student Competitions

Why Gifted Education Matters!

In the winter of 2022, NDAGC is sponsored a Gifted Education Essay Contest for ND public school students in grades 3-12. This was an opportunity to let everyone know why gifted education matters and for students to share how gifted education has impacted or would impact their lives. 

Students chose one of the following questions --

1. What Does Gifted Education Mean to Me
For students who are receiving gifted services or have received gifted services in the past.


2. What Would Gifted Education Mean to Me

For students who attend schools where gifted services are not available.

NDAGC Congratulates the 2022 Essay Contest Winners

Stacy Anderson, Gifted Services Teacher at Lewis & Clark Elementary in Fargo, with essay contest winners, Harlo Lamb (5th grade) and Nolan Erberle (3rd grade).

Victoria Britt, 4th Grade - Edison Elementary School.

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