Promoting the needs of the gifted in North Dakota through

advocacy, education, and research.

Why Join NDAGC?

Joining NDAGC will help connect you in to what is happening in gifted education within the state of North Dakota and across the nation.  Because NDAGC is an affiliate member of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), our Board of Directors is actively connected to policies and discussions that impact the education of gifted youth in our state. Whether you are an educator, a parent, or a student, if you have gifted children or work with them, knowing best practices, cutting edge research, and having critical discussions in gifted education are important to you. Through NDAGC, you can be a voice and become informed.

Be a Voice

NDAGC advocates for the needs of our gifted children across the state of North Dakota. 

Bring Visibility to your Region

As a member of NDAGC, become a voice for the region or school setting near and dear to you. Help NDAGC understand the needs of  your area so we can come alongside of you and add support to your work.

Membership Brings Credibility to our Advocacy

You can increase positive perception among critical stakeholders when you’re identified as a member of NDAGC. Make it known that your membership and participation in our state organization is helping to strengthen gifted programming for students in your area and across the state.

 Graduate Credit Opportunities

Register to take the webinar series and earn one graduate credit for the course Gifted Education Essentials.  Network with others while you are learning and earning credit.

NDAGC Webinars & Forums

NDAGC offers monthly webinars on important topics in gifted education, as well as frequent discussion forums on just in time issues. These events are facilitated by professionals and experts and are free to members. 


Fundamental to NDAGC's mission is to build a strong network of individuals who are well informed about the issues in gifted education facing North Dakota schools, and learning about best programming practices that can be put in place to address and strengthen programming across our state.

Access to Members-Only Discounts and Benefits

Student members of NDAGC receive a fifty percent discount on annual membership dues.  All members can participate in the webinars and forums as part of the annual membership fee. Institutional memberships are also available upon request. 

Receive NDAGC newsletters

NDAGC publishes quarterly newsletters  that provide information about gifted topics at the national, state, regional and local levels. Additionally, every webinar event is followed up with a newsletter that summarizes the topics and provides additional follow-up resources. 

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NDAGC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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