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NDAGC offers rich learning opportunities created especially for our community of educators and parents, opportunities that are typically offered every month over the year. All learning events are centered on best practices in gifted education and promise to be focused on high quality, rigorous content and curriculum practices for gifted learners. NDAGC currently offers webinars and forums. In the future, we look toward hosting statewide conferences as well.


NDAGC offers webinars on a variety of topics in gifted education. All webinars are centered on best practices in gifted education and promise to be focused on high quality, rigorous content and curriculum practices for gifted learners. Webinars are free to members.  And remember, the webinar series on Gifted Education Essentials can be taken for graduate credit!  

Members may attend the webinars live and also access the recording in the archives.

Ignite & Forums

NDAGC Ignite sessions and forums are offered intermittently throughout the year. They are free and open to non-members too.  Forums are also recorded and archived for those interested in watching at a later time. The recorded forums are available under the Events tab.

Teacher Corner

NDAGC's Quarterly Newsletter includes articles especially for educators. Check out our archive for past features which may be of interest to you:

 January 2022 Instructional Objectives
October 2022ExploraVision K-12 Science Competition: Students Engage in High End Applications of the Scientific Process
 January 2023 Think, Ponder, Ruminate, Surmise! Ideas to Increase Student Development of Thinking Skills 
 April 2024 Open Students' Thinking with Bloom's!

Educational Research

NDAGC has a number of experts from across North Dakota who serve on our board. Our Quarterly Newsletter provides an opportunity for these experts to synthesize current research with application to educational settings in North Dakota.

 October 2021 Putting the Spotlight on North Dakota Best Practices in Gifted Education
 January 2022 All Means All
 April 2022Promising Practices to Achieve Equity in Gifted Education: Teaching Thinking Skills to Primary Students
 January 2023 There is no Evil in Using the Term Gifted
 January 2024Celebrating Potential: The Shared Role in Supporting the Needs of Gifted Learners

Professional Development

  Graduate Credit Opportunity- Summer 2024

  Gifted Education Essentials

  • Members and non-members may register to take the webinar series, Gifted Education Essentials for one (1) graduate credit through NDSU. 
  • The cost is $80 for members and $110 for non-members. 
  • For course and registration, click here.

Pathways to a North Dakota Endorsement in Gifted Education

Valley City State University

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