Promoting the needs of the gifted in North Dakota through

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Gifted in North Dakota

Why is gifted education important for North Dakota learners?

The answer is quite clear: all students in North Dakota should be challenged to learn. Students learn best by interacting with and trying to make sense of content. When students come into the classroom with strong content knowledge or academic skills, the teacher should raise expectations so the student can experience learning as challenging, but achievable. Gifted education is a promise that each child will be challenged at an appropriate level. Gifted education is preparation for life, because all individuals need to be able to find strength in the face of challenges. While many gifted children face challenges through external activities, learning should also take place in the classroom. Students spend more waking hours in the classroom than they do at home, and the classroom is a child’s academic, social, emotional, and intellectual playground. For some students, the classroom may be the only place for needed enrichment and learning.

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