Promoting the needs of the gifted in North Dakota through

advocacy, education, and research.

Families Learning about Giftedness

NDAGC welcomes you as an integral member of our organization! NDAGC strives to support and connect our members as they learn about the needs of individuals with gifts and talents.

Additional resources and organizations NDAGC recommends for further learning are:

 NAGC National Association for Gifted Children
 SENG Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Connecting with Others

NDAGC has begun hosting GIFTed (Guiding Individuals and Families Together) Gathering events in Fargo, ND. Our organization plans to continue these events, and hopes to expand them to other cities in our state. To ensure you are informed of upcoming GIFTed Gatherings, become a member of NDAGC today!

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