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NDAGC Ignite GT Integration Activities and Resources!

  • Thursday, March 23, 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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You are invited to the ND Association for Gifted (NDAGC) LIVE IGNITE Session.

on Thursday, March 23 from 7:00-8:30 pm CT

NDAGC Ignite GT Integration Activities and Resources!  

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Join Kristy Coopman, Gwynn Moore, and Julie Jaeger as we work through thinking activities with Attribute and Logic, Multiple Viewpoint activities using Primary Resources,  Mini Research activities for primary students, and Library of Congress Resources and Activities. 

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7:00 Introductions

7:05 Mashup Attributes and Logic Activities with PETS Curriculum    Gr 2-5

Kristy Coopman Minot Public Schools Gifted Services Coordinator, NDAGC Regional Officer

Description: Students analyze relationships between clues and attributes as they work through these rigorousConvergent Thinking activities. Activities increase in difficulty as they work through the challenges Can be done as an independent or a small group activity. 

7:25 Activities Using Primary Resources to Extend Understanding     Gr 2-12

Gwynn Moore Instructional Media/Technology Instructor, Aurora P-8, CO 

Circle of Knowledge: Looking at Multiple Points of View and Story in a Box: Primary and Secondary Source Discovery activities both use images as “Thought Prompts” helping students develop a perspective to drive thoughtful and meaningful discussions.  

Thought Prompt-Circle of ViewPoints promotes varied reactions to one image, looking at the image from numerous points of view.

Thought Prompt-Story in a Box uses numerous images to discover the who, what, when, and where as they examine the images, find relationships, and discover the solution. 

7:45 Resources to engage Primary Students in Research and Thinking     Gr K-3

Julie Jaeger Minot, ND GT Educator, PD Coach/Consult, NDAGC Regional Officer

Easy to read research on numerous topics and Picture Dictionary Quizzes provide primary students with rigorous investigative experiences, all available on Enchanted Learning. Students love the resources, quizzes, and the thinking involved. 

8:05 Primary Resource Scavenger Hunt: Curating Images to Convey the Story    Gr 2-12

Gwynn Moore Instructional Media/Technology Instructor, Aurora P-8, CO 

Description: Engage your students in scavenger hunts to guide them to find primary sources using the Library of Congress. Go through a mini-scavenger hunt you can use next day with your students; searching, analyzing, and appropriately citing LOC primary sources.

8:25 Closing

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