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NDAGC Ignite #2 - GT Integration and Resources

  • Tuesday, May 03, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom

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Updated and Additional Sessions for May 3rd Ignite!!

Join us for our 2nd fast paced NDAGC Ignite

GT Integration Activities and Resources!

May 3 from 7:00-8:30 pm CT

Invite Your Colleagues: Registration is Open to All 

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Learn about real time curricular integrations and resources that are working for our ND Educators. Julia Warner and  Andrea Edstrom will share 4 rigorous activities that engage and ignite learning. Yee Han Chu and Beth Ustanko will introduce NDAGC’s summer book study and PD opportunities for parents and educators. 

7:00 Introductions and NDAGC Summer Book Study and PD Opportunities for Parents and Educators

YeeHan Chu and Beth Ustanko will introduce NDAGC’s summer Book Study and PD opportunities. Both sessions are also available for credit through NDSU Summer Professional Learning program. 

7:20  Break Out Order of Operations and Algebra Number Tricks                                                                  Gr 4-8 Integrations        Julia Warner Fargo Public Schools

Breakout Order of Operations Do your students love to solve puzzles? This rigorous engaging activity puts students in detective mode as they solve math puzzles to find the "right" combinations that "Break the Codes" and open the locks...fine tuning their understanding of order of operations throughout the activity! Walk through setting up the activity and how to ignite your students thinking.

Algebra Number TricksLearn about this fun engaging activities that has students solve number tricks and then prove why they work with algebra. Once they solve three tricks they must create their own number trick and share it with others. A great way to deepen their understanding of the process as they create the problems.

7:50 Challenging Common Core Language Arts from William and Mary  Gr 3-8 integration    Andrea Edstrom Bismarck Public Schools

Learn about this rigorous resource with advanced learners needs in mind. The mini units enrich and extend grade-level ELA content while using texts that have messages and characters which are developmentally suitable for students. Higher order reasoning questions and the resulting discussions provide a rigorous learning experience for our gifted learners. A great resource for Classroom Differentiation and Direct GT Services. 

8:10 Rotational Symmetry.  Gr 3-5+ Integration          Julia Warner Fargo Public Schools

Learn how to use the resource MathIsFun to introduce rotational symmetry make the concept of mirror symmetry (symmetry in general) interactive. Then provide students an opportunity to bring their learning to life by creating on Tinkercad … providing a 3D view which can be sent to a 3-D printer if available. Throughout the process, students need to figure out the angle between each of their rotational symmetry chunks, which teaches them about fractions, place value system, etc

8:30 Thank You’s and Wrap up

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